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Information sheet

Rexplicit Cattery

 Kittens will be registered, 8 and 12 week vaccinations and deworming, and come with a health guarantee.

Shipping Costs: Shipping can go from $200-250 depending on airline, destination etc.

To determine exact shipping costs, please contact us with the name of the nearest commercial airport. If costs increase due to a change in airline or destination, the increase will be the responsibility of the pet owner.

Shipping procedure: All that is required by you is to arrive at the airport with identification and pick up your kitten. We will provide you with shipping information, time of arrival, where to pick up kitten and airline information.

Age place in homes: They receive first two set of vaccinations at 8 and 12 weeks before going home. Next set of vaccinations are due at 16 weeks of age and are the responsibility of the pet owner.

The pet owner realizes that incidents can occur from stress of the trip, introduction to a new home and introduction to residents pets as well as trips to the vet. Some common occurrences such as fleas, ear mites, ringworm, and tapeworm can be picked up anytime, anyplace even routine visit to the vet. These can be cause by going to a different environment, stress from shipping, introduction to resident pets or many other causes.

Updates: We provide updates approximately every week with information or pictures of your kitten.

Vaccinations: Our kittens our fully vaccinated according to our veterinarians protocol before being placed in homes. If you would like to visit with one of our vets we would be glad to provide you with there information. It is the pet owners responsibility to maintain annual vaccinations.

Reserve: A non-refundable deposit of 200.00 per kitten is required to reserve a kitten with payment made in full prior to shipping or receiving your kitten. We also have a health sales agreement.